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Tsunku has the munchies again...

You'll have to excuse any sort of total bitchyness. I just woke up, am having boy-issues, and had to make a brownie neuron.

All that shit aside.

I've been listening to the radiorip for the new MoMusu single, Mikan. May I say one thing?

I hate it.

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There are several things wrong with Mikan.

First of all, it sounds something like a b-side or album song. This wouldn't be bad... if it were a b-side. Mikan is like a mash-up of KOI-ing, and Please! Jiyuu no Tobira--not a total surprise, as Daiichi arranged both of those. He also arranged Aruiteru, which was their last number 1 single, but, if we all rememeber, Aruiteru makes most people want to pull a Van Gogh. I personally despise Aruiteru. The idea of a Takitty/Mikitty/Kussumi lead kinda killed me.

Anyway, Mikan reminds me far too much of a b-side. I think the idea of thinking that Junjun is playing the piano at the beginning makes me giggle (Junjun in general makes me giggle). But Mikan is a b-side song shoved to the front. Or, to be more exact, Mikan is a concert-friendly song pushed into being a single. In the concert rip I've got, they sound 10x happier and energetic, but now it's like... "blahblahblah... chance something..." Boooooring.

Secondly, the song is totally out of trend with the way MoMusu singles were going. We had Egao YES Nude, then Kanashimi Twilight, then Onna ni Sachi Are, and then... "YOU GOTTA CHANCE! ^o^"

No. Just... no.

My theory at the moment is that Egao YES Nude was meant to prepare you for the new switch in Leaders--we were going from Yossie's kinda cute-sexy leadership into Mikitty's PH34R ME I'M TOO HOT TO FUNCTION world. Egao YES Nude was also meant to prepare you for Gaki-san's push to the front. May I say, it did her well. Finally, Egao was to introduce Mittsi (who is climbing back up in my ranks--WHY, oh WHY, does she do this?).

Kanashimi was meant to say "byebye Yossie-sama, helLO Mikitty!" It was an overload of the Momusu Kitties, it had a little Gaki, a little Reina... It fit in with the Shanimuni pattern--your leads in general are Mikitty and Takitty, followed by Miss Mayuge and The Queen of Wonky. Oh joy. Kanashimi was GOOD though--no solos for Kamei (D:) , but also no solos for Sayumin (:D).

And then, Mikitty left us, and we had Onna ni Sachi Are which the very pretty Takitty pwned. Now, I believe the general theory is that Mikitty's lines all went to Ai. Like, duh. Onna ni was good--and it had Panda Power. Linlin and Junjun made SUCH a splash (Junjun = ♥♥♥♥♥♥). But Onna ni Sachi Are was obviously meant to be a Mikitty song. It had a Fujimoto Feel to it--like you could imagine Mikitty giving all of Ai's "I own you" looks. Once you think about that, it all feels kinda... fake.

So now, we have Mikan. A boring song to fit a boring leader. I love Takahashi, don't get me wrong. I think she's a great MoMusu, she has her place in the group and its history, etc etc. But she's boring. Really boring. Which is why Mikan has a Takahashi Tone to it. Sort of like... "This is where I'm comfortable: doing old-styled songs of yesteryear." Mikan feels like Popcorn Love (popcorn...obviously), Chotto Ikashita PURE BOY (shaved ice), Dekiru Onna (coffee), Koi wa Hassou (potato chips).... What, I'm only naming songs that mentioned some sort of food?

Well, it's true. The Takahashi Tone quite likes food. The only time she can feel sexy is when she's singing in Osakaben. What's wrong with that, she wonders?

Everything, Takitty, EVERYTHING. We need a NEW feel to MoMusu, with Gen 8 and all. Think about it: the old songs won't feel natural to Aika, Junjun, and Linlin. I can imagine Gen 8 singing songs from Egao on. That's. About. It. Maybe Osaka Koi no Uta, Shabondama, AS FOR ONE DAY. I can kinda see Junjun and Linlin doing Memory Seishun no Hikari.

Anyway, the third and most important thing is...


No, no Tsunku. You do NOT shove them aside. Look at Junjun. When everyone else was like "....." at that fanevent (in pictures, at least), look who always looks stunning.

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What I want to hear... is MORE JUNJUN + LINLIN. They're AMAZING.

I don't care if wota don't like them. BE DARING UF*. GIVE THEM THE PUSH THEY DESERVE!!!

Anyway. I really hate Mikan. A lot... Tsunku should GET OFF THE CRACK and start making some really kickass music again--not this munchie-inspired acid trip.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to get ready for 5 hours as a cashier at a supermarket. Whoop-de-do.