Tsunku has the munchies again...

You'll have to excuse any sort of total bitchyness. I just woke up, am having boy-issues, and had to make a brownie neuron.

All that shit aside.

I've been listening to the radiorip for the new MoMusu single, Mikan. May I say one thing?

I hate it.

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Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to get ready for 5 hours as a cashier at a supermarket. Whoop-de-do.

H!P Rankingu

Kuri is raring to ramble today. To quote Tokaikko Junjou: ARE YOU READY??

51 Idols...
1 矢口真里 (Yaguchi Mari)
2 亀井絵里 (Kamei Eri)
3 後藤真希 (Goto Maki)
4 ジュンジュン (Junjun)
5 飯田圭織 (Iida Kaori)
6 辻希美 (Tsuji Nozomi)
7 嗣永桃子 (Tsugunaga Momoko)
8 萩原舞 (Hagiwara Mai)
9 高橋愛 (Takahashi Ai)
10 吉澤ひとみ (Yoshizawa Hitomi)
11 石川梨華 (Ishikawa Rika)
12 村田めぐみ (Murata Megumi)
13 中澤裕子 (Nakazawa Yuko)
14 小川麻琴 (Ogawa Makoto)
15 徳永千奈美 (Tokunaga Chinami)
16 久住小春 (Kusumi Koharu)
17 三好絵梨香 (Miyoshi Erika)
18 梅田えりか (Umeda Erika)
19 岡田唯 (Okada Yui)
19 柴田あゆみ (Shibata Ayumi)
19 大谷雅恵 (Ootani Masae)
19 斉藤瞳 (Saitou Hiromi)
19 みうな (Miuna)
24 新垣里沙 (Niigaki Risa)
25 松浦亜弥 (Matsuura Aya)
26 里田まい (Satoda Mai)
27 紺野あさ美 (Konno Asami)
28 加護亜依 (Kago Ai)
29 アヤカ (Ayaka)
29 藤本美貴 (Fujimoto Miki)
29 保田圭 (Yasuda Kei)
32 夏焼雅 (Natsuyaki Miyabi)
33 有原栞菜 (Arihana Kanna)
34 前田有紀 (Maeda Yuki)
35 安倍なつみ (Abe Natsumi)
36 岡井千聖 (Okai Chisato)
37 中島早貴 (Nakajima Saki)
38 稲葉貴子 (Inaba Atsuko)
39 須藤茉麻 (Sudou Maasa)
40 熊井友理奈 (Kumai Yurina)
40 あさみ (Asami)
42 鈴木愛理 (Suzuki Airi)
43 清水佐紀 (Shimizu Saki)
44 石村舞波 (Ishimura Maiha)
45 村上愛 (Murakami Megumi)
46 矢島舞美 (Yajima Maimi)
46 菅谷梨沙子 (Sugaya Risako)
48 道重さゆみ (Michishige Sayumi)
49 リンリン (Linlin)
50 田中れいな (Tanaka Reina)
51 光井愛佳 (Mitsui Aika)

If you're surprised by these results, so am I. Unlike before, we'll work from the bottom up.

Mitsui Aika is right where she should be at the moment. However, Tanakicchi, Linlin, and Sayumin should be higher up, whereas Maimi and Yurina should be lower. However, they tied, so I guess that's okay.

I don't care for Megumi, Maiha or Saki. Honestly, I'd like Airi a lot more if she wasn't shoved in my face everytime I watch a C-ute pv--she's a cute kid, but I'm sick of her. Asami isn't particularly important to me, so, whatever xD Yurina and Maasa are both okay, but nothing special, imho. Inaba Atsuko's talents are... well, I've never seen much of her. T&C music's sorta rare... o.O NakaSaki, Chisato, and Nacchi are all okay, and I like them just fine (well, I don't like NakaSaki's "itoshiiiiii" in Tokaikko, but)... But they're simply not my favorites. Chisato's really adorable though xD And Nacchi needs to learn how to drive, and also to make adult music (a la Ayayayayayaya).

Maeda Yuki kicks ass, but I don't ♥ enka that much xD Kanna's cute, just not my favorite C-ute, and Miyabi, like Airi, is shoved in my face every 3 minutes. Kokuhaku needed a little Chinami... Kei is Kei, Mikitty is Mikitty... Ayaka. Ayaka should be higher up. Why isn't she?? >.>

Kago knows good and well what she did to deserve a 28.

Konkon's goddamn adorable...~~ Satoda Mai's fun, but not in Pabo (in Pabo, she's just lame, I'm sorry. That got her to this position). Ayaya and Gaki-san have okay positions, too. As for Miuna? I don't even KNOW how she got there.

The 3 Melons that aren't Megu are there because I don't care about them, but they're associated with the meganneko. Okada Yui's fun, but I'm not fond of the boobage in my face xD Umeda Erika's GORGEOUS, and I'm not sure why she's not pimped out more. She has a distinctive look to her. Miyoshi Erika's just got a gorgeous voice.

Kussumi Kussumi!... Chinami ♥. She's so adorable. She looks like Marippe's lovechild; she really should get more lines than she does. Kokuhaku was DEVOID of her. It depressed me intensely. Makocchi is just kickass (AND SHOULD BE HIGHER! :O)

Yuko's the best ever--she's the H!P Momma, and she's a yankii to boot. She just needs to have a babeh. Murata Megumi has glasses ♥ And I LOVE glasses-wearing idols. They're distinctive, more "real." Rika is Charmy-tastic, Yossie is Yossie-licious, Takitty is... Takitty-pwnage, etc.

Maimai!! OMG Maimai/Hagitty/whatever is just SO cute. I squee everytime I see her. And I'm so glad she stopped wearing those goofy Charlie and the Chocolate Factory glasses. They obscured her adorability (although it just made her more loveable, to realize "aw, she's got some sort of stage fright!")

Momoko is adorable in the Chisato-way. But she's got a cute little voice to boot ♫ I love how she's maturing vocally. And I love her in Sakura wa Raku sa. And... she's Momoko. What's NOT to love?

The remaining six I've already touched on--Tsuji, Iida, Junjun, Gocchin, Kamei, and Yaguchi. Choosing between Eri and Mari was a bitch. Choosing between Gocchin and Nono was pretty painful too, but...

Overall, the results are relatively accurate. Except in reference to Miuna.... Who IS Miuna anyway?

kono yo no naka ni....~

Battle of the MoMusu: They're battling for my heart!

Through Internation Wota, I ended up at another blog, and I started playing this. The idea was to pick one MoMusu/H!P girl over another.

SO. They battled... let's analyze the results!

Collapse ) Tomorrow, I'll have the WHOLE of H!P ready for dissection ♥ Can you stand it?!

Trust me. Some of your favorites didn't stand well. One of them may be named... 矢島舞美?

Why do we love idols?

I was watching the live of Dekkai Uchuu ni Ai ga Aru from the Hello Pro Matsuri thing this summer just now, and I realized halfway through that I was crying. I had no real explanation as to WHY I was crying--it seemed absolutely insane to me, seeing that I'm (A) not a huge cryer when it comes to this kind of stuff, and (B) it's just a concert perf. I couldn't figure out why--and then, it hit me.

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I wanna have a talk.

The Melon Kinenbi write-up is still being worked on, of course. But today, I felt that something a little less idol-ish needed some pimping.

I'm talking about, of course, Hamasaki Ayumi's new PV/single, "Talking 2 Myself." This is Ayu's first single as a newly single woman, which is, I might think, quite scary. After all, she dated that Tomoyo guy for 7 years. And this song is... Well...

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Today, at 10:22 EST, Kuri of Morning! Kuri and Tsukiki of VERY BEAUTY discovered some interesting news: not only is Kago Aibon IN the United States, she's only a few hours away from Kuri-p, currently situated in New York City

Thanks to Miss Aibon's mother giving an interview on her daughter (the general gist of this interview can be found at Totally Hello! Project), we now know that Kago Ai is indeed dating that older man, they went to Hawaii together (you know it's serious then), etc.

Interestingly, as I did not know this, Aibon takes financial care of her brothers and sisters. It also sheds some light into the twisted world of Kago Ai: her parents are divorced, or getting divorced; she takes care of her siblings; while in MoMusu she couldn't swap phone numbers.... Now, it's almost understandable why she became such a "rebel." Most people crack under pressure; Aibon finally sought a way out.

Anyway... Now, Kago Ai is definately IN the US, in New York. Seeing that usually EVERYONE thinks of New York City when they think NY, it's safe to assume she's in NYC. Tsukiki (a close friend and partner in crime) actually did a little digging around, and uncovered WHERE exactly. HOWEVER, to protect one of our favorite idols, we are only willing to reveal that she is most certainly in New York, and she is staying in the W (yes, I think that was totally conspicuous, but, then again, I don't know if Kago's aware that there are MoMusu fans on the East Coast).

If all goes according to plan, and she stays around for an extended period of time, Kuri is most certainly prepared to go find her, to give her well wishes (it's only 3 hours away! :O) If not, than an email from Tsukiki and I will have to suffice--only said email shall be filled with W covers. Because we love Kago, and miss her to today.

Minna-san, if you have well-wishes as well, please comment here, and I'll do my best to get them to her!! ♥
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Behind the Fruit: Coconuts Edition

I obviously am a huge supporter of my own Fruity World Domination idea. Still, I feel it's only necessary for us to take a look back at all the deliciously named groups of Hello! Project (okay, there's only 3 so far, but...), and take a gander at what some of the future fruits may be.

So, we'll start off today with my first, and one of my favorites, the ever unpopular Coconuts Musume. Whatever happened to this group? How did it degenerate into a one-person lonely group that is made up only of the beautiful Ayaka? And why did they ever choose Lehua?

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Next time, I shall examine one of my favorite H!P groups, and the one that's causing SUCH a stir around the interweb: MELON KINENBI.

Morning Kuri! Colorcode 1: SUMMER HALATION by Coconuts Musume

I always felt really bad about Coconuts Musume....  They were really underloved.  In truth, they gave us Ayaka--one of my favorite H!P members; as well as Danielle Delauney, who completely and utterly pwned the Akagumi4 song "Akai Nikkichou."  Sure, later they gave us Lehua, but still.  Coconuts is completely underrated.  Following is the colorcode of their first single, "Halation Summer."  The colors for Ayaka, Mika, and Danielle came from Project Hello, but I chose the colors for April and Chelsea myself.

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*sigh* The mango and pudding thing never ends.



I went to dohhhup to see if they had their crappy version of the Ongaku Gatas PV--which is what my entry for today was originally to be about. Unfortunately, I saw this. And, well... Things MUST be said.

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As a disclaimer, I don't mean to offend anyone. I'm just poking fun, and trying to cross lines. I'm blogging about Hello! Project. Please don't take anything I say TOOOO seriously