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twilightmobius in morningkuri


Today, at 10:22 EST, Kuri of Morning! Kuri and Tsukiki of VERY BEAUTY discovered some interesting news: not only is Kago Aibon IN the United States, she's only a few hours away from Kuri-p, currently situated in New York City

Thanks to Miss Aibon's mother giving an interview on her daughter (the general gist of this interview can be found at Totally Hello! Project), we now know that Kago Ai is indeed dating that older man, they went to Hawaii together (you know it's serious then), etc.

Interestingly, as I did not know this, Aibon takes financial care of her brothers and sisters. It also sheds some light into the twisted world of Kago Ai: her parents are divorced, or getting divorced; she takes care of her siblings; while in MoMusu she couldn't swap phone numbers.... Now, it's almost understandable why she became such a "rebel." Most people crack under pressure; Aibon finally sought a way out.

Anyway... Now, Kago Ai is definately IN the US, in New York. Seeing that usually EVERYONE thinks of New York City when they think NY, it's safe to assume she's in NYC. Tsukiki (a close friend and partner in crime) actually did a little digging around, and uncovered WHERE exactly. HOWEVER, to protect one of our favorite idols, we are only willing to reveal that she is most certainly in New York, and she is staying in the W (yes, I think that was totally conspicuous, but, then again, I don't know if Kago's aware that there are MoMusu fans on the East Coast).

If all goes according to plan, and she stays around for an extended period of time, Kuri is most certainly prepared to go find her, to give her well wishes (it's only 3 hours away! :O) If not, than an email from Tsukiki and I will have to suffice--only said email shall be filled with W covers. Because we love Kago, and miss her to today.

Minna-san, if you have well-wishes as well, please comment here, and I'll do my best to get them to her!! ♥
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How exactly sure are you that you know exactly where she is? It would suck to drive 3 hours and wind up empty-handed. I don't think she'd respond very well to being stalked all the way in America either. XD
We're trying to confirm now; we were able to find a phone number of sorts, but we haven't reached the other line. If that turns out to be a false lead... Well, then we both keep trying xD However, if memory serves me right, the W is a popular hotel; it's a friendly place, at least, so even if the number's incorrect... It's a good starting place.

If not, well then... I'm from South Jersey; traveling to NYC is literally a normal, bimonthly daytrip for me xD So, even if I ended up empty-handed... At least it'd be an adventure.
Although, in retrospect, I think we both were simply excited to hear she was close by xD I'd rather not totally stalk her xDD It's really enough just to know that she's happy, I guess.

And that's totally NOT a wota-ish comment.
I see. :> How do you plan to send messages from other people? I'd like to contribute. XD
I still contend that Aibon looks like alien, but good luck trying to meet her, Kurumicchin. ^^
Hmmm, it seems a little too convenient for her to be staying in a hotel called the W.
Good work if you've found her but I'd be careful of who you give that information to.
Oooops, the above comment is from me. I logged in with my OpenID identity by accident.


WOW. I live like an hour from NYC and i wish i could meet aibon.
if you do send anything, tell her that i miss her work and that i hope everything goes GREAT in NYC!!!! and tell her its from an american fan living in NY
@__@ WOW. how the hell did anyone figure that out, ill never know. XDDDD i hope shes still there in a couple of weeks, i wanna stalk see her too!!


Too late? O.o

I want to send something to her to keep her hopes up!
Yes, I'm responding like a month later because I'm not up to date.
So Aibon, please keep on going. xD Don't worry about anything.

Nehh...What's the W? I looked it up...It's part of Starwood?
If she stayed in the St. Regis...my mom works there. XDDD