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twilightmobius in morningkuri

kono yo no naka ni....~

Battle of the MoMusu: They're battling for my heart!

Through Internation Wota, I ended up at another blog, and I started playing this. The idea was to pick one MoMusu/H!P girl over another.

SO. They battled... let's analyze the results!

1 亀井絵里 Kamei Eri
2 ジュンジュン Junjun
3 高橋愛 Takahashi Ai
4 久住小春 Kusumi Koharu
5 新垣里沙 Niigaki Risa
6 リンリン Linlin
7 道重さゆみ Michishige Sayumi
8 田中れいな Tanaka Reina
9 光井愛佳 Mitsui Aika

Well, I must agree with this. Out of the 9nin Momusu, Kamei Eri has fought her way from my 6th favorite all the way to the top. Was it her easygoing personality? Her solo in Onna ni Sachi Are? Or her new pb?

As for Junjun, that was a given. Since she was announced as a new member, she has been up there. I adore her--she reminds me of a panda bear, and I do so love panda bears.

Takahashi Ai? For a while, she was down at number 8. And now she's 3! I think it may have been her new haircut and her "I own you" looks in Onna ni that did me in. Or maybe it's that I needed time to love her. Right under Ai is Kusumi, who fell from 1 to 4. That's kinda sad, but in light of Gen8, the Miracle looks a little weak these days. I still adore her though. And Niigaki was at 9 for the longest time. I'm not sure what made me love her; I think it's just that she looks so beautiful.

Linlin--I really don't like how she looks, I'm sorry xD Her voice is okay, but she seems to be doing the "YAYZ IM AN IDOL LETS SOUND KYOOTER THAN I REALLY AM LOLZ" thing now, and that annoys me. Sayumi... is adorable, but she can't sing, and that's beginning to wear thin on me. Tanaka, while her choice in music is great (PARAMORE FTW!), is sorta annoying to me. I want her to MAKE UP HER MIND on her "persona." Be a yankii, Tanakicchi, don't mess around with cutesy and sekushii. Just. Be. You. And you were a yankii before.

And Aika. Aika, Aika, Aika. For some reason, she's begun to annoy me. I think it's because everyone was all "OMGZ SHE SOUNDS SOO GOOD" and yet... she DOESN'T. Unlike Kussumi, who we all recognize cannot really sing for shit, Aika gets this "YAYZ NEW MIRACLE" treatment that she doesn't deserve. SO I don't like her. Just yet.

ALL MOMUSU (sans Fukuda Asuka? xD
1 矢口真里 Yaguchi Mari
2 後藤真希 Goto Maki
3 ジュンジュン JunJun
4 亀井絵里 Kamei Eri
5 辻希美 Tsuji Nozomi
6 小川麻琴 Ogawa Makoto
7 石川梨華 Ishikawa Rika
8 飯田圭織 Iida Kaori
9 紺野あさ美 Konno Asami
10 加護亜依 Kago Ai
10 吉澤ひとみ Yoshizawa Hitomi
12 久住小春 Kusumi Koharu
13 高橋愛 Takahashi Ai
14 新垣里沙 Niigaki Risa
15 田中れいな Tanaka Reina
16 道重さゆみ Michishige Sayumi
17 安倍なつみ Abe Natsumi
18 光井愛佳 Mitsui Aika
19 藤本美貴 Fujimoto Miki
20 中澤裕子 Nakazawa Yuko
21 リンリン Linlin
22 保田圭 Yasuda Kei

We'll take a good hard look at this one--there's 22, after all.

Number One is, eternally, Yaguchi Mari. Marippe is absolutely GORGEOUS. She almost always looks stunning in pictures. She can do anything--she pulled off both ends of the spectrum: sexy in Tanpopo, and uber-cute in Minimoni. In fact, she FOUNDED Minimoni. And then she went off and was leader of ZYX--basically, mentored a couple of the kids. Besides that, Mari was FUNNY. She is, for me, the quintessential idol.

Number Two? The incomprable Goto Maki. She, too, went from both spectrums--to the cuteness of things like "Yaruki! It's Easy" to "SOME BOYS! TOUCH." Gocchin is eternally gorgeous, in her quirky way. And she's always been a big seller for MoMusu and H!P. And she can rock Hips Don't Lie.

3 and 4, Junjun and Kamei Eri respectively. I'm not sure WHY they got flip-flopped, but... I guess it's because Junjun popped up more. They're followed by 5, Tsuji Nozomi, who is often so cute I want to SQUEE in joy. And she's gonna be a MOMMY! I'm happy for her--she was always one of my favorites ♥

Tsujiji is followed closely by Ogawa Makoto, who I always loved for her humor. She had a gorgeous voice too, but she was often cast to the side. That always made me sad... Makocchi's followed by Rika who surprises me at times with her cuteness--now its seemingly a little fake, but... Then there's the next mommeh-to-be, Iida Kaorin! I love Johnson, she's so REGAL looking. And in Tanpopo--she was really awesome. Konkon followed, and she was certainly cute--she's moved up, due to her ADORABILITY in Narihajimeta Koi no BELL. Kago Ai snuck in there, too--I'm not surprised, though. Aibon used to surpass Nono, but after her scandal, she fell. I still love her, though xD

I'm surprised Yossie fell in at 10--tieing with Aibon!--though. I thought she would've been higher! I adore her--and she's gorgeous, too; with the best voice to boot. She's followed by Kussumi, who... is higher than Takitty? Kussumi's cute, though, so...

There's Takitty, at lucky 13. Really, sometimes this thing is weird. Then Niigaki, Michishige, Tanaka... I've said what needs to be said about them.

And then there's Nacchi, the "quintessential Musume" for so many. Personally, I never truly saw Nacchi's appeal. She was never one of my favorites. I dunno; maybe it was the voice? Doesn't matter. She's followed by... Mitsui, who should've been lower :\

Mikitty... should've been higher. She gained my respect with her "UFA can kiss my ass, I've got a BF and I like it" attitude--I'm hoping for her return. Then Yuko--she's a yankii through and through, even though she's practically Yuko-obaachan in H!P >.> She's followed by Linlin, who I'll pass over on commenting, bringing us to a close with Yasuda Kei, who, in my opinion, looks like a grandma. No wonder 5th gen all called her "obaachan" ^.~

That brings this entry to a close. Tomorrow, I'll have the WHOLE of H!P ready for dissection ♥ Can you stand it?!

Trust me. Some of your favorites didn't stand well. One of them may be named... 矢島舞美?