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Aug. 18th, 2007


I want a mango, and maybe some pudding too. Perhaps some mango pudding.

In other words, Tsunku, what kind of crack are you taking THIS time?

As many of us know, the delicious foursome Melon Kinenbi is putting out ANOTHER single this year! After Unforgettable, I figured they'd go back to the shadowy land of H!P's Elder Club.

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Aug. 15th, 2007


Morning Kuri... HI!

SO. This is the final, permanent home of Morning Kuri, my blog on all things idol-ish and karaoke-tastic. ♫ For those who don't know me, my name is Kuri-p.  I used to run Gesshoku Project, but due to me being a busy person, I eventually closed it down.  I'm a member of Sekai no Melody, the humongous cover group that is currently holding auditions for it's 10th generation [I'm Gen 3's soloist, Verity].  I'm also a member of Tsuki no Negai (leader of Chibikkogumi, and member of Saikyou Syndicate), and also of Mignon! Project (lead singer of Kawaii'iro Seishun-tai, member of duo BiKi, and leader of Satou Rakugen).  But enough about me, and my achievements [they're achievements the same way Kusumi Koharu is a top-seller: can't sing, but, hey, goddamn me if I don't try!]

Morning Kuri is my pride and joy; or, at least, I hope it'll be.  It's a look at topselling Jpop Idol groups from the member of a karaoke cover designed to be just like these idol groups.  It's a look inside the mind of someone who's only dream is to be an idol, just like Ishikawa Rika.  And god-flipping-dammit, it's my one chance to spam and plug like crazy! ♥  Let's hope I do this right~

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